Neue Welt

On view:

Austin Reavis: Red State
June 1st - June 26th, 2024 

Austin Reavis: Red State

On view during Wedgewood-Houston First Saturdays and by appointment, email


Attention: Liza Clement, Allie Horick, and Ripley Whiteside
May 4th - 26th, 2024  

Neue Welt is pleased to present Attention, a group show by Liza Clement, Allie Horick, and Ripley Whiteside. Across watercolor, painting, and sculpture, the artists invite us to consider what we deem worthy of attention in our anthropocentric world. Each artist addresses this question from a different ecological point of view: what we leave behind, what we consider sacred, and what we mourn.


Brian R. Jobe: Pax
March 2nd – April 14th, 2024

Neue Welt is pleased to present the work of Knoxville, Tennessee based artist Brian R. Jobe . Jobe's studio practice is focused on sculpture and installation. His most recent work collages material into assemblages utilizing signifiers of natural and manufactured landscapes. The materials are stacked or held in compression, but without the use of hardware or adhesives. He desires a sort of inevitability to be felt within the viewer’s experience as they consider the material’s history and stream of consciousness associations. He is inspired by the act of construction and the space between reductive minimalism and human touch.